Glossary index A-Z

The glossary index gives you an overview of all contributions from A to Z.

P controller (n) P element P element (n) p-conducting (adj) p-type semiconductor (n) P.C.D. (n) pace (n) pack (v) package (n) package boiler (n) package freight (n) package stability (n) packaging (n) packaging costs (n) packaging machine (n) packaging material (n) packaging size (n) packing (n) packing box (n) packing cord (n) packing facility (n) packing material (n) packing ring (n) packless (adj) pad (n) paddle shaft (n) padlock (n) paint (n) paint (v) paint finish (n) paint remover (n) paint shop (n) paint stripper (n) pair of compasses (n) pair of gears (n) pallet (n) Pallet jacks pallet lift (n) pallet loading (n) Pallet rack pallet rack (n) pallet stacker (n) pallet truck (n) palletizer (n) pan (n) pan (v) pane (n) panel (n) panel depth (n) panel raising plane (n) panel saw (n) panelling (n) panic button (n) panorama lift (n) panoramic cabin (n) panoramic car (n) pantile (n) papers (pl) parabola (n) parabola area (n) parabolic (adj) parabolic reflector (n) paraboloid of revolution (n) parallel circuit (n) parallel connection (n) parallel connection of springs (n) parallel displacement (n) parallel grooved pin (n) parallel joining line (n) parallel joint (n) parallel key (n) parallel operation (n) parallel shift (n) parallel spring connection (n) Parallel-axis theorem parallel-axis theorem (n) parallel-jaw vise (n) parallelism (n) parallelogram (n) parallelogram area (n) parallelogram circumference (n) parallelogram design (n) parallelogram of forces axiom (n) parallelogram rule (n) parameter (n) parameter assignment (n) parameter entry (n) parameter setting (n) parameter variation (n) Parameter-excited oscillation parameter-induced oscillation (n) parameter-induced vibration (n) parameterization (n) parameterize (v) parametrisation (n) parapet (n) parasitic signal (n) parcel (n) parent (adj) parent metal (n) Pareto curve (n) parking floor (n) parking level (n) parking run (n) parking run waiting time (n) parking signal lights (n) parking zone (n) part (n) part filling (n) part load (n) part number (n) part off (v) part removal technology (n) part under test (n) part-load traffic (n) partial (soft) vacuum welding system (n) partial failure (n) Partial fraction decomposition partial fraction decomposition (n) partial function (n) partial view (n) partially coherent (adj) particle (n) particle composite material (n) particle growth (n) particle size (n) particle-size distribution curve (n) parting tool (n) partition (v) partition wall (n) parts family (n) parts list (n) parts manufacturer (n) parts production (n) Parts provision parts set (n) parts variety (n) parts-removal robot (n) Pascal's triangle Pascal's triangle (n) pass (n) pass (v) pass gage (n) pass gauge (n) pass width (n) passage (n) passage width (n) passageway (n) passenger (n) passenger carrying lift (n) passenger conveyor (n) passenger elevator (n) passenger handling (n) passenger lift (n) passenger riding comfort (n) passenger traction lift (n) passenger traffic (n) passenger transport (n) passenger/freight elevator (n) passenger/goods lift (n) passivation current density (n) passivation potential (n) passive deformation energy (n) passive deformation work (n) passive RFID transponder (n) password (n) paste (n) paste (v) Patent patent (n) paternoster (n) paternoster rack (n) path (n) path compensation (n) path correction (n) path definition (n) path of motion (n) path-dependent (adj) Path-time diagram path-time diagram (n) path/time function (n) patrol (adj) pattern (n) pattern of engagement (n) pattern of engagement (pl) pavement (n) pawl (n) pawl-type lock (n) pay off (v) pay out (v) pay out (a rope)from a rope reel/rope coil (v) pay-off reel (n) pay-out (n) payload (n) PD controller PD controller (n) PDCA PDCA cycle PE conductor (n) peak (n) peak demand (n) peak force (n) peak load (n) peak performance (n) peak power (n) peak retardation (pl) peak torque (n) peak traffic (n) peak traffic flow (n) peak value (n) peak-to-valley height (n) pedal (n) pedal switch (n) pedal-operated (adj) pedestal (n) pedestal bearing (n) pedestal bearing unit (n) pedestrian fork-lift truck (n) pedigree chart (n) peel off (v) peel strength (n) peel test (n) peeling tool (n) peephole (n) peg (n) peg (v) peg leg (n) pelletizing facility (n) pelletizing press (n) pen (n) pendant control panel (n) pendant control station (n) pendant luminaire (n) pendant pushbutton station (n) pendant station (n) pending (adj) pendulum impact machine (n) pendulum impact test (n) Pendulum oscillation pendulum oscillation (n) pendulum support (n) penetrant flaw detection (BS) (n) Penetrant methods penetrant testing (ASME) (n) penetrate (v) penetrating composite material (n) penetration (n) penetration depth (n) penetration inspection (n) penetration test (n) penetrator (n) pentagon (n) people shuttle transportation system (n) percentage of regular suppliers (n) percentage prediction error (n) perception (n) percolate (v) percussion drill (n) percussion machine (n) percussion press (n) percussive drill (n) perforate (v) perforated disk (n) perforated plate (n) perforated sheet (n) perforation (n) perform (v) performance (n) performance analysis (n) performance characteristic (n) performance characteristics (n) performance characteristics (pl) performance check (n) performance coefficient (n) performance curve (n) performance data (n) performance diagram (n) performance feature (n) performance limit (n) performance standard (n) performance statistics (n) performance test (n) peril (n) perimeter (n) period (n) period of decay (n) periodic time (n) periods of light traffic (pl) peripheral speed (n) peripheral stress (n) peripheral surface machining (n) peripheral velocity (n) periphery (n) permanent (adj) Permanent contact seal (static) permanent coupling (n) permanent fault (n) permanent magnet (n) permanent-mould casting (n) permanently connected (adj) Permeability permissible (adj) permissible stress (n) permit (n) permit (v) permitted stress (n) perpendicular (adj) perpendicular parallel projection (n) perpendicularity (n) perpendicularity tolerance (n) person handicapped in walking (n) person with a walking impediment (n) Personal protective equipment personal protective equipment (n) personnel costs (n) personnel protection insulation (n) perturbation (n) petal leaf construction (n) PF burner (n) phantom bill of material (n) phase (n) phase (of a material) (n) phase adjustment (n) phase advance (n) phase angle (n) phase angle rotation (n) phase average method (n) phase boundary (n) phase comparison (n) phase conductor (n) Phase control (electrical engineering) phase converter (n) phase defect (n) phase delay (n) phase deviation (n) phase diagram (n) phase displacement (n) Phase displacement (electrical engineering) phase distortion (n) phase divider (n) phase fading (n) phase failure (n) phase lag (n) phase lead (n) phase out (v) phase position (n) phase relation (n) phase response (n) phase retardation (n) phase reversal (n) phase sensor (n) phase sequence (n) phase shift (n) phase splitter (n) phase swing (n) phase transition (n) phase-angle control (n) phase-out part (n) Phillips screw (n) Phillips screwdriver (n) photo diode (n) photocell (n) Photodiode photodiode (n) photoelectric cell (n) photoelectric device (n) photoelectric light barrier (n) photon (n) photovoltaic cell (n) physical (adj) physical constant (n) physical forces (pl) physical measurand (n) physical movement (n) physical size (n) Physical strength physical strength (pl) physics (n) PI controller PI controller (n) piano wire (n) pick (v) pick and place (v) pick off (v) pick up (v) pick-and-place machine (n) pick-and-place robot (n) pick-to-box (n) pick-up (n) pick-up & delivery problem (n) picker arm (n) picking (n) picking control (n) picking costs (n) picking expenses (n) picking machine (n) picking management (n) picking order (n) picking request (n) picking robot (n) picking unit (n) pickle (v) pickling agent (n) pickup (n) picture (n) PID controller PID controller (n) piece (n) piece of cloth (n) piece of construction machinery (n) piece of equipment (n) pier (n) pierce (v) piezo element (n) piezoelectric (adj) piezoelectric effect (n) piezoelectric pushbutton (n) Piezoelectricity piezoelectricity (n) pig (n) pig iron (n) piggyback service (n) piggyback system (n) pile (n) pile (v) pile driving (n) pilferage (n) piling hammer (n) pillar (n) pillow block (n) pilot burner (n) pilot control (n) pilot lamp (n) pilot lot (n) pilot model (n) pilot plant (n) Pilot run pilot series (n) pilot valve (n) pilot-operated (adj) pin (n) pin (v) pin connection (n) pin coupling (n) pin friction (n) pin friction coefficient (n) Pin gearing Pin joint pin joint (n) pinch (v) pinch grip (n) pinch off (v) pinching force (n) pinching risk (n) pinching screw (n) pinion (n) Pinion (gear) pipe (n) pipe bracket (n) pipe bridge (n) pipe burst (n) pipe clamp (n) pipe clip (n) pipe connection (n) pipe coupling (n) pipe cutter (n) pipe die (n) pipe flange (n) pipe fracture (n) pipe rack (n) pipe rupture (n) pipe rupture valve (n) pipe scraper (n) pipe socket (n) pipe steel (n) pipe tap (n) pipe thread (n) pipe threader (n) pipe union (n) pipe wall thickness (n) pipe wrench (n) pipeline (n) pipeline bridge (n) pipeline transport (n) piping (n) piston (n) piston area (n) piston compressor (n) piston diameter (n) piston force (n) piston forces (pl) piston joint (n) piston path (n) piston pin (n) piston pump (n) piston rod (n) piston seal (n) piston speed (n) piston stroke (n) piston travel (n) piston unit (n) pit (n) pit (v) pit bottom (n) pit element (n) pit floor (n) pit ladder (n) pit steel (n) pit stop switch (n) pitch (n) pitch angle (n) pitch circle (n) pitch circle diameter (n) pitch circumference (n) pitch diameter (n) pitch displacement (n) pitch of thread (n) pitch point (n) pitch radius (n) pitholing (n) pitting (n) Pitting (gear) Pitting corrosion pitting corrosion (n) pitting potential (n) pivot (n) pivot (v) pivot arm (n) pivot bearing (n) pivot friction (n) pivot friction coefficient (n) pivot head (n) pivot joint (n) pivot pin (n) pivot point (n) pivot with cheeks (n) pivoted (adj) pivoting angle (n) pivoting range (n) place (v) place at someone's disposal (v) Placement into storage placement into storage (n) plain (adj) plain axial bearing (n) Plain bearing plain bearing (n) plain construction steel (n) plain milling cutter (n) plain radial bearing (n) plain thrust bearing (n) plain washer (n) plan (n) plan (v) plan view (n) planar (adj) planar moment of inertia (n) Planar motion in polar coordinates planar motion in polar coordinates (n) planar sliding (n) planarity (n) plane (adj) plane (n) plane (v) plane iron (n) plane motion (n) plane of contact (n) plane of osculation (n) plane of reference (n) plane of symmetry (n) plane strain (n) plane triangle (n) plane-stress state (n) plane-stressed state (n) planer (n) planet gear (n) planet wheel (n) planetary gear (n) planetary gear train (n) Planetary gear unit planetary gear winch (n) planetary gears (n) planetary motion (n) planetary orbit (n) planetary thread-milling (n) Planing planing (n) planing machine (n) planing tool (n) planning (n) planning and scheduling (n) planning preparation (n) planning scheduling (n) plant (n) plasma arc welding (n) plasma cutting (n) Plasma transferred arc welding plasma welding (n) plaster (n) plastic (adj) plastic (n) plastic behaviour (n) plastic cable (n) plastic casing (n) Plastic deformation plastic deformation (n) plastic flow (n) plastic foam (n) Plastic forming plastic forming (n) plastic material (n) plastic shaping (n) plastic strain amplitude (n) plasticating (n) Plasticising plasticising (n) plasticity (n) Plastics plastics processing machine (n) plastifying (n) Plate plate (n) plate (v) plate bending machine (n) plate bending stiffness (n) plate cutting machine (n) plate joggler (n) plate link chain (n) plate shears (n) plate spring (n) plate thickness (n) plate washer (n) plates and labels (n) platform (n) platform hoist (n) platform lift (n) plating (n) platinum (n) platinum contact (n) platinum iridium cylinder (n) play (n) playback (n) playback method (n) pliable (adj) plot (n) plot (v) plotter (n) plough plane (n) plow plane (n) plug (n) plug (v) plug connector (n) plug gauge (n) plug in (v) plug on (v) plug tap (n) plug valve (n) plug with earthing contact (n) plug-and-socket ... (adj) plug-and-socket connection (n) plug-in ... (adj) plug-in board (n) plug-in card (n) plug-in connector (n) plug-in contact (n) plug-in module (n) plug-in terminal (n) plug-in unit (n) plug-on ... (adj) pluggable (adj) plumb (v) plumb bob (n) plumb line (n) plumb-line deviation (n) plumber (n) plummet (n) plunge (n) plunge (v) plunge cutting (n) plunge grinding (n) plunge milling (n) plunge-cut (n) plunge-cut (v) plunge-cut grinding (n) plunge-cut milling (n) plunge-cut milling machine (n) plunger (n) plunger coil (n) plunger cylinder (n) plunger joint (n) plunger lift (n) plunger pump (n) plunger stroke (n) plunging tool (n) ply (n) pneumatic caisson (n) pneumatic conveyor (n) pneumatic drill (n) pneumatic drive (n) pneumatic elements (n) pneumatic hammer (n) pneumatic line (n) pneumatic spring (n) pneumatic system (n) pneumatic valve (n) pneumatically actuated (adj) pneumatics (n) pocket (n) pocket bearing (n) pocket hole (n) pocket milling (n) pocket pressure (n) point (n) point (v) point contact (n) point in time (n) point load (n) point of action (n) point of application (n) point of contact (n) Point of contact (gear) point of engagement (n) point of fracture (n) point of intersection (n) point of support (n) point-to-point (PTP) control system (n) point-to-point connection (n) pointed (adj) pointed tooth limit (n) pointer (n) pointer deflection (n) pointer excursion (n) Poisson number Poisson number (n) Poisson ratio (n) Poisson's ratio (n) Poka-Yoke polar area moment of inertia (n) polar coordinate (n) polar coordinates (n) polar moment of area (n) polar moment of inertia (n) polar ray (n) polar rays (n) polar resistance moment (n) polarity (n) polarity sign (n) polarization (n) polarize (v) Poldi hardness tester Pole pole (n) pole (v) pole armature (n) pole body (n) pole changer (n) pole lathe (n) pole pair ratio (n) pole pitch (n) pole reversal (n) pole shoe (n) pole terminal (n) pole-changing ... (adj) pole-changing switch (n) polhode (n) polish (n) polish (v) polish grinding (n) polishing machine (n) polishing surface (n) polishing wheel (n) pollute (v) pollution (n) polyaddition (n) Polyamide Polycarbonate polycarbonate (PC) (n) polycondensation (n) Polyester resin Polyethylene polygon (n) Polygon connection polygon connection (n) polygon of forces (n) polygonal (adj) polygonal truss (n) polyline (n) polymerisation (n) Polymethyl methacrylate polynomial (adj) polyphase (adj) polyphase machine (n) Polypropylene Polystyrene polyurethane buffer (n) Polyvinyl chloride poor contact (n) poor restart (n) poppet valve (n) population (n) population factor (n) population time (n) population traffic (n) pore size (n) pores (n) porous (adj) port (n) portable (adj) portable drill (n) portable lamp (n) portable test set (n) portal (n) portal crane (n) portal design (n) portal robot (n) Portal stacker portal stacker (n) portion (n) position (n) position (v) position detector (n) position deviation (n) position encoder (n) position energy (n) position error (n) position feedback (n) position finding (n) position indicator (n) position indicators on the landings (n) position information (pl) position of application (n) position of equilibrium (n) position of use (n) position sensor (n) position switch (n) position vector (n) positional accuracy (n) positional deviation (n) positional notation system (n) Positional tolerance positional tolerance (n) positioner (n) positioning (n) positioning accuracy (n) positioning control (n) positioning error (n) positioning range (n) positioning time (n) positioning tolerance (n) positive (adj) positive connection (n) positive drive lift (n) positive engagement (n) positive form locking (n) positive pole (n) positive-locking (adj) positive-locking fit (n) positively actuated (adj) positively charged (adj) possibility of welding (n) possible preheating (n) possible solution (n) post (n) post drill (n) post-harden (v) post-treat (v) post-treatment (n) posture (n) pot (v) pot life (n) potential (n) potential compensation (n) potential drop (n) Potential energy potential energy (n) potential equalisation (n) potential equaliser (n) potential force (n) potential function (n) potentiometer (n) potting (n) pouch (n) pour (v) pourability (n) pouring (n) powder (n) powder (v) Powder coating powder metallurgy (n) powdered-metal contact material (n) Power power (n) power (v) power ... (n) power amplifier (n) power booster (n) power cable (n) power capacitor (n) power characteristic (n) power circuit (n) power connection (n) power consumption (n) power contactor (n) power control (n) power converter (n) power current (n) power demand (n) power distributor (n) power drain (n) power drive (n) power economics (n) power electronics (n) power engine (n) power engineering (n) power equation (n) power factor (n) power failure (n) power flow (n) power flow profile (n) power fuse (n) power generation (n) power grip (n) power hammer (n) power input (n) power installation (n) power inverter (n) power limiter (n) power line (n) power loss (n) power loss due to friction (n) Power matching (electrical engineering) power off (v) power on (v) power outlet (n) power output (n) power pack (n) power plant (n) power plant classification system (n) power plug (n) power punch (n) power rack (n) power range (n) power reclamation (n) power recovery (n) power rectifier diode (n) power required (n) power room (n) power saw (n) power screw (n) power section (n) power semiconductor (n) power source (n) power spectrum (n) power stage (n) power station (n) power supply (n) power supply cable (n) power supply unit (n) power switch (n) power switching diode (n) power system (n) power system compatibility (n) power system management (n) power take-off (n) power take-off side (n) power train (n) power transformer (n) power transistor (n) power transmission (n) power transmission screw (n) power transmission thread (n) power unit (n) power walk (n) power-actuated (adj) power-and-free conveyor (n) power-failure-proof (adj) power-operated (adj) power-operated chuck (n) power-supply module (n) power-transmission thread (n) power/data supply (n) powered (adj) powerful (adj) powering off (n) PPR count (pulses per revolution) (n) practicable (adj) practical method (n) practice (n) pre-acceptance inspection (n) pre-assembly (n) pre-assembly group (n) pre-calculation (n) pre-inspection (n) pre-machining drawing (n) pre-processing drawing (n) Pre-production run pre-production series (n) pre-release version (n) pre-set (adj) pre-storage zone (n) pre-tensioning (n) pre-treatment (n) preamplifier (n) precaution (n) Precedence diagram method precious metal (n) precipitation (n) precipitation harden (v) precipitation hardening (n) precise (adj) precision (n) precision adjustment (n) Precision blanking precision blanking (n) precision component (n) precision cutting (n) precision engineering (n) precision instrument (n) precision mechanics (n) precision part (n) precision thread (n) precision tool (n) precision-machine (v) precoar cycle (n) precoat filter (n) preconditioning (n) predecessor model (n) predefine (v) predetermine (v) predetermined (adj) prediction-realisation diagram (n) predrill (v) prefabricated (adj) prefabrication primer (n) preference (n) preference call (n) preference switch (n) preferred number (n) preferred number series (n) preferred parameter (n) preliminary authorization (n) preliminary calculation (n) preliminary costing (n) preliminary test (n) preload (v) preload force (n) preloaded (adj) Preloaded bearing premachining (n) premagnetize (v) premises (n) preparation (n) preparation time (n) preparatory work (n) prepare (v) preparing information (n) prescribe (v) preselected (adj) preselection (n) preselection criterion (n) present (v) presentation (n) Presenteeism presenteeism (n) preserve (v) preset (adj) preset value (n) press (n) press (v) press against (v) press fit (n) press force (n) press force equation (n) press in (v) press in place (v) press into (v) press key (n) press on (v) press ram (n) press robot (n) press shop (n) press stroke (n) press-fit (v) press-to-talk intercom system (n) pressure (n) pressure adjustment (n) pressure angle (n) pressure build-up (n) pressure capsule (n) pressure cell (n) pressure change (n) pressure compensation (n) pressure control (n) pressure couch (n) pressure die-casting (n) pressure difference (n) pressure differential (n) pressure distribution in liquids (n) pressure drop (n) pressure ellipse (n) pressure energy (n) pressure equation (n) pressure exerted on all sides (n) pressure gage (n) pressure gauge (n) pressure head (n) pressure head difference (n) pressure height difference (n) pressure increase (n) pressure indicator (n) pressure level difference (n) pressure limiter (n) pressure loading (n) pressure loading capacity (n) pressure loss (n) Pressure metrology pressure metrology (n) pressure mill (n) pressure of sleeve spring (n) pressure of woodruff key (n) pressure on all sides (n) pressure on the face of a hole (n) pressure pipe (n) pressure propagation law (n) pressure range (n) pressure reducer (n) pressure regulator (n) pressure relief (n) pressure relief valve (n) pressure resistance welding (n) pressure rise (n) Pressure sensor pressure setting (n) Pressure sleeve pressure spring (n) pressure stage system (n) pressure switch (n) pressure test (n) pressure tubing (n) pressure type mill (n) pressure valve (n) pressure variation (n) pressure vessel (n) pressure vessel steel (n) pressure welding (n) pressure-relief joint (n) pressure-sensing switch (n) pressure-tube reactor (n) pressureless (adj) pressurization (n) pressurize (v) prestress (v) prestressed (adj) prestressed concrete (n) prestressed positive connection (n) prestressed steel (n) prestressing (n) prestressing force (n) prestressing steel (n) pretension (n) pretension force (n) prevent (v) prewire (v) primary (adj) primary air (n) primary circuit (n) primary data collection (n) primary demand (n) primary function (n) primary processing time (n) primary profile (n) primary requirements (n) Primary shaping primary shaping (n) primary winding (n) prime coat (n) prime mover (n) prime notation (n) prime number (n) primed (adj) primitive cubic (adj) principal component analysis (n) principle bending equation (n) principle equation of tension (n) principle of action (n) principle of action and reaction (n) principle of angular momentum (n) principle of conservation of energy (n) principle of linear momentum (n) principle of motion of centre of mass (n) principle of operation (n) principle of superposition (n) principle of suspension (n) principle of virtual displacement (n) principle of work and energy (n) principle pressure equation (n) principle stress (n) principle torsion equation (n) print (v) printed circuit board (n) prioritization (n) priority (n) priority assignment (n) priority check (n) priority circuit (n) priority planning (n) priority programme (n) priority rule (n) priority service (n) priority switch (n) prismatic guide (n) prismatic slot (n) private ship owner (n) probability analysis (n) Probability calculus probability calculus (n) probability paper (n) probe (n) problem type (n) problem-solving cycle (n) procedural description (n) procedure (n) process (n) process (v) process control (n) process control computer (n) process control system (n) process controlled system (n) process cost accounting (n) process engineering (n) process family (n) process model (n) process optimization (n) process plan creation (n) process planning (n) process technology (n) process variable (n) processing (n) processing control (n) processing strategy (n) processing time (n) processor (n) procurement (n) procurement channel (n) procurement closure (n) procurement data (n) procurement file (n) procurement initiation (n) procurement logistics (n) procurement planning (n) procurement principle (n) procurement processing (n) procurement quantity (n) procurement stock (n) procurement strategy (n) procurement type (n) produce (v) producibility (n) product (n) Product conceptualisation product cost accounting (n) Product ergonomics product ergonomics (n) product family (n) product group (n) product grouping (n) product history data (n) product information (n) product level (n) product liability (n) Product life cycle product number (n) Product of inertia product pipeline (n) Product planning product portfolio (n) product range data (n) product realisation (n) product research (n) product structure (n) product structure data (n) product thread (n) product trend (n) product type (n) product variant (n) product-related picking (n) producting time (n) production (n) production allowance (n) production automation (n) production backlog (n) production batch (n) production capacity (n) production cell (n) production center (n) production centre (n) production control (n) production control test (n) Production costs production costs (n) production cycle (n) production documents (pl) production drawing (n) production engineering (n) production equipment (pl) Production ergonomics production ergonomics (n) production expert (n) production facilities (pl) production facility (n) production flow (n) production group (n) production island (n) production lead time (n) production line (n) production logistics (n) production lot (n) production network (n) production of a family of parts (n) production of parts (n) production order (n) Production organisation production output (n) production papers (pl) production plan (n) production planner (n) production planning (n) production planning and scheduling (n) production plant (n) production process (n) production program (n) production programme (n) production programme planning (n) production progress (n) Production ramp-up production range (n) production rate (n) production release (n) production resource planning (n) production resources (pl) production schedule (n) production segment (n) production specialist (n) production stage (n) production system (n) production technology (n) production tolerance (n) production type (n) production warehouse (n) production-oriented product structure (n) productive (adj) productivity analysis (n) productivity increase (n) profile (n) profile bar (n) profile cutter (n) profile displacement (n) profile element (n) profile filter (n) profile form error (n) profile line (n) profile miller (n) profile milling (n) profile milling machine (n) profile of a surface (n) Profile of properties (material science) profile offset (n) profile overlap (n) profile pattern (n) profile rail guide (n) profile shape error (n) profile steel beam (n) profile surface (n) Profile system Profile system accessories Profile-based building kit system profiler (n) profiling (n) prognostic model (n) Program evaluation and review technique (PERT) chart (n) program flowchart (n) program jump (n) program loop (n) programmable logic controller (PLC) (n) programmer (n) programming (n) progress (n) progress control (n) progress of discharge (n) progression (n) progressive (adj) progressive safety gear (n) project (v) project management (n) project planning instructions (pl) projected area (n) projected contact area (n) projection (n) projection area (n) projection method (n) prolong (v) prominent (adj) promote (v) promotion (n) prompting (n) prompts (n) proof (n) proof of strength (n) proof stress (n) prop (v) prop up (v) propagate (v) propagation (n) propel (v) propelled (adj) propeller (n) propelling element (n) property (n) proportion (n) proportion (v) proportional controller (n) proportional elastic limit (n) proportional element (n) proportional feedback (n) proportional gain (n) proportional limit (n) proportional-derivative controller (n) proportional-integral controller (n) proportional-integral-derivative controller (n) proportional-integral-differential controller (n) proportioning (n) proportioning pump (n) propping (n) proprietary (adj) proprietary right (n) propulsion (n) propulsion motor (n) propulsion system (n) propulsion unit (n) protect (v) protect by fuse (v) protected (adj) protection (n) protection against contact (n) protection by fuses (n) protective circuit (n) protective clothing (n) protective coating (n) protective cover (n) protective device (n) protective drapes (pl) protective earth (n) protective earth conductor (n) protective equipment (n) protective function (n) protective gas welding (n) protective gear (n) protective goggles (n) protective grating (n) protective ground (n) protective hood of anchor head (n) protective motor switch (n) protective resistance (n) Protective separation: An isolating transformer separates the operating circuit from the supply system. This prevents current from flowing between the phase conductor and earth. Power supply units are used in conjunction with safety extra-low voltage tran protocol (n) proton (n) Prototype prototype (n) prototype test (n) protractor (n) protrude (v) protrusion (n) protrusion formation (n) proven (adj) provide (v) provide timing for (v) provided by customer (adj) provided by others (adj) provision (n) provision (v) provisioning (n) provisions by others (adj) proximate cause (n) proximate effect (n) proximity switch (n) PTC resistor (PTC = Positive Temperature Coefficient) (n) pug mill (n) pull (n) pull (v) pull box (n) pull button (n) pull down (v) pull in (v) pull off (v) pull out (v) Pull principle pull process (n) pull switch (n) pull test (n) pull-off ... (adj) pull-off spring (n) pull-push load (n) pull-twist switch (n) pull-up resistor (n) puller (n) pulley (n) pulley block (n) pulley carrier (n) pulley drive (n) pulley lifting tackle (n) pulley room (n) pulling force (n) pulling hook (n) pulsating fatigue strength (n) pulsating fatigue strength value (n) pulsating light (n) pulsating load (n) pulsating load type (n) pulsating stress (n) pulsation damper (n) pulse (n) pulse amplifier (n) pulse amplitude (n) pulse control (n) pulse converter (n) pulse counter (n) pulse discriminator (n) pulse divider (n) pulse division (n) pulse duration (n) pulse edge (n) pulse fall time (n) pulse generator (n) pulse length (n) pulse modulation (n) pulse number per revolution (n) pulse ratio (n) pulse response (n) pulse ripple (n) pulse rise time (n) pulse rounding (n) pulse shape (n) pulse shaping (n) pulse spacing (n) pulse string (n) pulse timing diagram (n) pulse top (n) pulse train (n) pulse transmission (n) pulse width (n) pulse-width modulation (PWM) inverter (n) pulser (n) pulsing (n) pulverize (v) pulverized-fuel burner (n) pulverizer (n) pump and motor unit (n) pump capacity (n) pump control (n) pump moment (n) pump output (n) pump piston (n) pump plunger (n) pump power (n) pump pressure (n) pump set (n) pump strainer (n) pump unit (n) punch (n) punch (v) punch press (n) punch-through transistor (n) punched (adj) punching (n) punching die (n) punching machine (n) punching press (n) punching shop (n) punching tool (n) purchaser (n) purchasing cost ratio (n) pure (adj) purge (v) purging gas (n) purging steam (n) purification (n) purify (v) purity (n) purpose (n) purpose of measurement (n) purpose-made design (n) push (v) push and pull principle (n) push drill (n) push fit (n) push flat parallel spring (n) push key (n) push lighter (n) push on (v) Push principle push rectangular plate spring (n) push rod (n) push sleeve spring (n) push-back rack (n) push-fit (v) push-fit ... (adj) push-fit fitting (n) push-fit joint (n) push-fit strip (n) push-on ... (adj) push-on fastening (n) push-pull rectifier (n) push-pull switch (n) push-to-talk button (n) push-to-talk key (n) pushboat navigation (n) pushboat shipping (n) pushbutton (n) pushbutton control (n) pushbutton switch (n) pusher bar conveyor (n) pusher chain conveyor (n) pushing force (n) put out of service (v) put together (v) putting into operation (n) putting into service (n) putting material into storage (n) pylon (n) pyramid (n) pyroelectric (adj) Pythagoras' theorem (n) Pythagorean number (n)