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Profil (n)

Aus diesem Profil werden die vertikalen Ständerpfosten errichtet.

Ein spezielles Deckelprofil ermöglicht den Verschluss des Kanals.

A special Lid Profile is used to seal the conduit.

contour (n)

The form of Support Arm X 6-8 corresponds to the clean contour of profile form X.

for the ultimate in functionality, precise contours and no protruding edges.

The special Angle Brackets X Zn and Hinges, heavy-duty X are adapted to profile contour X.

pattern (n)

Eight rollers, arranged play-free in a criss-cross pattern, ensure maximum load-carrying capacity with compact size.

The basic pattern of the elements must be designed in line with the user experience and a consistent system of symbols must be used.

The Adapter Flange Universal can be machined to suit the connection geometry (hole pattern, centring) of the drive.

profile (n)

A special Lid Profile is used to seal the conduit.

So it should not be used for profile connections in combination with fastening elements.

Die Innenecke der Winkelprofile ist mit einem Freistich versehen.

section (n)

For connecting profiles used as compressed air conduits, the Universal Fastener is also available in a special version (Section 6.2 Pneumatic Applications).

Some cross-sections incorporate closed grooves that can be easily opened.

The various sections can be accessed individually through Overview 1.

shape (n)

The basic shape is based on the geometry of the handling area.

The U-shaped fork arms are equipped with small load rollers.

Bosch hat entsprechende Komponenten im Eco-Shape-Programm integriert.

形状 (n)

截面 (n)

模式 (n)

轮廓 (n)

contorno (n)

forma (n)

patrón (n)

perfil (n)

sección (n)

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