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Pressung (f)

Zur Berechnung der Hertzsche Pressung dienen die Hertzschen Gleichungen.

Die Flächenpressungp ist eine Normalspannungsverteilung über die Kontaktfläche A zweier Körper.

Für die Dimensionierung von Bauteilen und Festkörperverbindungen ist die Flächenpressung oft sehr entscheidend.

compaction (n)

The density and porosity of the pressed material decreases the finer the powder grains are and as the compaction pressure, sintering temperature and time increases.

Spray forming (spray compaction) is a method of producing semi-finished products, coatings and near-net-shape components by spraying a molten metal through a nozzle onto a substrate or receiving surface.

compression (n)

Upsetting processes include surfacing, compression surface finishing and sizing.

Compression energy (sound pressure) and kinetic energy (sound particle velocity in ) are transported as sound energy and converted into each other.

As a rule, the flow curve is generated at room temperate in a uniaxial tensile test in the area of uniform elongation or in a uniaxial compression test.

pressure (n)

The holding force is dependent on the condition of the surface where clamping pressure is applied.

Pressure gauges use both direct and indirect measuring methods.

Hertzian equations are used to calculate the Hertzian contact pressure.

压力 (n)

压缩 (n)

compactación (n)

compresión (n)

presión (n)

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