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Plattierung (f)

cladding (n)

Light cladding panels and panel elements made from Acrylic Glass, Plastic or Compound Material must be provided with a drill hole at the appropriate location.

Two features deliver the desired mobility of the structure - the use of lightweight aluminium instead of steel and the lightweight design of the profiles, which do not require external cladding.

Clamp Multiblock PA is inserted into the profile groove, a securing clip secures lightweight panel elements of different thicknesses, such as cladding panels, panel elements made from Acrylic Glass, etc.

coating (n)

Even with their coating, black Profile Tubes are still ESD-safe.

And the abrasion-resistant powder coating is more than capable of withstanding day-to-day stresses and strains.

The coating makes the handles largely electrostatically dissipative.

plating (n)

Technical applications for class 2 conductors include, for example, electroplating systems and electrolysis.

包层 (n)

涂层 (n)

电镀 (n)

chapado (n)

recubrimiento (n)

revestimiento (n)

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