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Platte (f)

Die Trittplatte ist aus einem ableitfähigen Kunststoff gefertigt.

Die Höheneinstellung erfolgt über die Position der Plattenträger.

Riemenscheibe über Führungsbolzen auf die Montageplatte auflegen.

board (n)

The horizontal profiles act as railings and keep the payload securely on board during transportation.

For example, the Keyboard Shelf can be extended and retracted.

This version has a wide notice board and a versatile document holder.

panel (n)

Processing the panel element for installing the Locking Systems.

The closed side panel gives the Angle Bracket its high load-carrying capacity.

Panel sawing (guided circular saw for cutting panels)

plate (n)

The tread plate is made from a plastic with ESD (electrostatic discharge) properties.

Place the pulley over the guide pin onto the mounting plate

Coupling Adapter Plates Universal are used to make the connection with the drive.

sheet (n)

In doing so, the punch penetrates the sheet without causing any cracks.

The storage surfaces made from Perforated Sheet create easy-to-clean stowage space.

During three-stage counter cutting, an initial cut is first made on the sheet material.

slab (n)

Castings can be rolled ingots, rolled slabs or extrusion billets (blanks) made of iron or non-ferrous alloys.

Lifting magnets are load-handling attachments for lifting magnet-attracting, i.e. ferrous, goods such as scrap, slabs, blooms and chips.

The steel of the strand solidifies gradually to form a slab while it is transported via fire-resistant rollers from the meniscus of the continuous casting mould to the lowest point of the liquid pool.

木板 (n)

板件 (n)

面板 (n)

chapa (n)

hoja (n)

panel (n)

tablero (n)

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