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Pfahl (m)

pile (n)

The user is not authorised to edit or decompile the software.

The Base Plates/Transport Plates are compiled into complete sets including all fastening elements.

If you have compiled any technical terminology lists of your own or have diagrams relating to terms, we would be grateful if you could share them with us.

pole (n)

The fundamental operating principle is similar to that of a synchronous motor with a high number of pole pairs.

An impact-proof aluminium housing accommodates 5 sockets (German domestic standard) and a 2-pole ON/OFF switch with indicator light.

They have 5 earthed plug sockets that can be isolated from the mains using an illuminated 2-pole ON/OFF switch.

post (n)

This function is extremely important to ensure an ergonomic sitting posture.

It is also possible to have an ante-dated or post-dated key date inventory.

Eight postgraduates and numerous Bachelor and Master students are involved.

极点 (n)

柱子 (n)

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