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pendeln (leichte Hin- und Herbewegung des Fahrkorbs) (v)

float (v)

Tighten the fastening screws under the carriage on the floating bearing side.

Consequently, the floating bearing is secured by turning to the right, as usual.

Adjusting screw with left-turning fine thread for adjusting the floating bearing side.

oscillate (v)

Unwanted regenerative effects can cause the workpiece to oscillate, leading to an uneven finish.

In this case, the actual value oscillates around the setpoint value, because the manipulated variable jumps to '1' if it falls below a certain value and to '0' if it exceeds the upper limit value.

Pendulum oscillation occurs when a body is displaced and accelerates towards its position of origin due to gravitational acceleration , with the result that it oscillates, or swings, around its position of rest.

reciprocate (v)

sway (v)

往复运动 (v)

振荡 (v)

摇摆 (v)

balancear (v)

flotador (v)

oscilar (v)

reciprocar (v)

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