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Mittel (npl)

Die Schalter werden mittels Klemmung in der Aufnahmenut gehalten.

Am Arbeitsplatz wird mittelgrobe oder Präzisionsarbeit gefordert.

Montiert werden diese mittels Innsensechskant-Schlüssel der SW 5.

means (pl)

The latter option means that Cable Duct E can then be fitted between the columns.

A hand-rail is the primary means of preventing a fall and a useful aid when climbing stairways.

The wires are held securely in the socket by means of a spring-force connection.

resources (pl)

Important resources are used every time a workpiece is moved from one place to another.

Indeed, the only processes that are eliminated are those that use up resources without contributing to the value of the product.

As a result, these systems embody the principles of lean production, which strive for flexibility, economical use of resources and maximum quality.

资源 (pl)

medios (pl)

recursos (pl)

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