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Marke (f)

This approach ought to take into account the fluctuating demand on the market.

This document provides an initial overview of tube systems on the market.

The Arm Rest - marked with a 'pin' - has a fixed installation position.

brand (n)

Robust, industrial quality with brand new fastening technology for particularly ergonomic operation.

Mit einem brandneuen online Auftritt startet unser neuer Händler BKK Tech in Thailand die künftige Zusammenarbeit.

Our new distributor BKK Tech is launching a brand-new website for its future collaboration with item.

make (n)

Show us what you can do and we'll make sure everyone sees it.

Coupling Adapter Plates Universal are used to make the connection with the drive.

For example, adapter elements allow users to make customised modifications.

trademark (n)

商标 (n)

marca comercial (n)

modelo (n)

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