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Mantel (Kabel) (m)

case (n)

In such a case, the square nut can be removed from the Multiblock.

However it can also deviate from this dimension in the case of one-sided tolerance (e.g. ).

In such cases, light fittings with lamp-control units can help.

casing (n)

Guard casings are installed to ensure that the cable does not come off when slack.

The Drive Casing is then screwed to Drive Unit KLE.

The longer screws enable connection of Drive Casing KLE.

sheath (n)

It comes with PVC sheathing to prevent objects slipping out of place.

The robust plastic sheathing (PA) stops metal coming into contact with metal.

Timing belts consist of high-strength steel wires with a sheathing made from low-abrasion polyurethane.

shell (n)

A grab comprises two jaws (also called clamshells) usually made of steel that are connected on one side to a hinge in a way that enables rotation.

Once the melt has been poured into the mould, solidification can be straight-walled, rough-walled and sponge-like (exogenous solidification) or shell-forming (endogenous).

In conjunction with the End Cap and Lubricating Systems, the Roller Profile acts as a bearing shell and safety cover, as well as providing protection against soiling.

壳 (n)

外壳 (n)

箱 (n)

鞘 (n)

concha (n)

cubierta (n)

funda (n)

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