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Boden (m)

Schiebeschuhsorter sind für Güter mit glattem, festem Boden geeignet.

Die Bodenelemente können wahlweise bündig oder mit Fuge verlegt werden.

Fachbodenregale haben einen durchgehenden Lagerboden in jedem Lagerfach.

bottom (n)

A Limit Stop is fitted at the front and bottom to protect Light Fitting and personnel alike.

The roller tool comprises three steel rollers at the top and four at the bottom.

On a circular conveyor, an endless chain runs around a rail profile that is usually open at the bottom.

earth (n)

The corresponding ESD Earthing Terminal with integrated 1 mega ohm resistors.

Metallic housing parts are earthed via separate conductors.

Gravitational acceleration on the surface of the Earth is not constant.

floor (n)

A distinction is also made between rail-mounted and railless floor conveyors.

Counterbalance fork-lift trucks are motorised floor conveyors.

Pallet jacks come under the category of hand-operated floor conveyors.

ground (n)

The supports and gantry crane usually move together on rails at ground level.

These principles acted as the breeding ground for the successful Japanese production principles.

The taps are relief-ground to reduce friction work.

soil (n)

The transparent strip protects the labels against soiling.

Resistance to soiling describes whether or not the linear axis is prone to soiling.

The drive for this variant is particularly suitable for light loads, even in environments associated with high levels of soiling.

底部 (n)

弄脏 (n)

接地 (n)

楼层 (n)

parte inferior (n)

piso (n)

tierra (n)

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