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Bild (n)

Verbinder bilden in der Regel Knotenpunkte für 2 bis zu 5 Rohren.

Gleiches gilt für die Informationsübermittlung mittels Bildschirm.

Sie stehen senkrecht aufeinander und bilden das Hauptachsensystem.

Fig. (n)

figure (n)

Linear systems need to be perfectly configured for the task at hand.

It's quick, clean, there's no machining involved and the installation can be reconfigured at a later date.

For Heijunka to succeed, picking and provisioning systems need to be configured for maximum efficiency.

graph (n)

There is no need for supporting structures in micro-stereolithography.

If preferred, neutral CAD data and graphics can also be generated.

For example, in the case of a "jpg file", you can change the size of the graphic that is to be generated.

illustration (n)

This variant can accommodate low hanging loads as shown in the illustration opposite and is adequate for simple guide operations.

This illustration shows the simplest method of integrating a panel element into a frame.

All worksteps and issues of note are described, usually with diagrams or illustrations.

image (n)

In other words, we are talking about the image that a good work bench portrays.

To access the information pages, move the mouse pointer over the relevant product image in the catalogue.

Viele Arbeitgeber haben erkannt, dass Vorsorgemaßnahmen für deren Image wichtig sind.

map (n)

The work bench should map out the workflow with the highest possible degree of efficiency.

Intentionally or unintentionally, a decision matrix is created and the decision-making processes are more or less clearly mapped.

Das Ziel der sogenannten Wertstromanalyse (value-stream mapping, VSM) ist, die Durchlaufzeiten zu optimieren und einzelne Arbeitsschritte genau zu takten.

picture (n)

The lower Timing Belt moves the slide shown in the picture, the upper belt moves the second slide.

These pictures demonstrate the optimum placement of material handling systems within easy reach.

Scientists at the University of Freiburg are taking high-resolution pictures of animal brain cells.

图 (n)

图像 (n)

图画 (n)

图表 (n)

地图 (n)

插图 (n)

figura (n)

foto (n)

gráfica (n)

ilustración (n)

mapa (n)

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