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Biegefestigkeit (f)

bending strength (n)

The next step is to choose the profiles that offer sufficient bending strength.

When working with this length and load, the bending strength of the profiles used is of little importance.

This is due to the intersecting points, which exhibit far better bending strength than steel tube systems.

flexural strength (n)

Compound Material has good shear rigidity, flexural strength and buckling strength.

Where possible, profiles should be installed so that the largest section dimension opposes the load in order to achieve the maximum flexural strength.

resistance to bending (n)

The axial resistance moment W is a cross-section-specific value for components that represents resistance to bending.

The axial area moment of inertia I is a cross-section-specific value of a component that represents its resistance to bending.

弯曲强度 (n)

抗弯能力 (n)

挠曲强度 (n)

resistencia a la flexión (n)

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