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Betriebsmittel (npl)

Das gilt ebenso für die kontinuierliche Verbesserungen der Betriebsmittel.

Die Tragfähigkeit muss vom Betriebsmittelbauer rechnerisch nachgewiesen sein.

Betriebsmittelbau, das sich für anspruchsvolle Produktions-umgebungen eignet.

items (pl)

At the end of the shift, users take their personal items away with them.

Firstly, it has to accommodate the personal items of the work bench user.

Ergonomics - loading heavy items from the front and over the table top is awkward.

production equipment (pl)

That applies equally to measuring devices, production equipment and, of course, the electronic workpiece components themselves.

Production equipment and facilities can now be built faster, with more elegant results and more economical material usage than can be achieved with first-generation systems.

Measuring devices, production equipment and of course electronic workpiece components themselves - all of these can be damaged or destroyed by charges.

production facilities (pl)

Work benches are usually linked to other production facilities.

However, they are also used to transport workpieces in production facilities such as foundries.

For production facilities and/or storage locations without continuous inventory management, the results of the physical stocktaking process are to be transferred to the stock accounts.

resources (pl)

Important resources are used every time a workpiece is moved from one place to another.

Indeed, the only processes that are eliminated are those that use up resources without contributing to the value of the product.

As a result, these systems embody the principles of lean production, which strive for flexibility, economical use of resources and maximum quality.

生产设备 (pl)

资源 (pl)

项目 (pl)

artículos (pl)

equipo de producción (pl)

instalaciones de producción (pl)

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