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Beförderung (f)

conveying (n)

Conveying operations can be incorporated into the profile structure with the aid of specialised accessories.

The machinery used in conveying technology can be categorised based on the properties of the goods being moved.

The conveying surface of a small-roller conveyor consists of ball-bearing-mounted disc rollers on several axles with no drive.

shipment (n)

transport (n)

SystemMobile U transportieren schwere Lasten mit hoher Sicherheit.

SystemMobiles Utransport heavy loads with maximum safety.

Aus Regalböden kann das Transportgut einfach herausgenommen werden.

transportation (n)

During transportationObserve the handling instructions on the packaging.

During transportation Observe the handling instructions on the packaging.

The horizontal profiles act as railings and keep the payload securely on board during transportation.

装货 (n)

运输 (n)

envío (n)

transportación (n)

transporte (n)

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