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bedienen (v)

attend (v)

Come along and meet us at one of the many trade fairs that we attend.

Die Einstellung an die Tischplattendicke geschieht über die zweiteilige ( gerasterte Zwinge).

control (v)

The control system can store three standard positions.

Replace the control system or contact your service partner.

Movement along the X axis is controlled by two synchronised KLE 8.

handle (v)

Handles Al can be secured from the rear (concealed).

We offer presentation platforms for all easy-handle exhibits / display cubes.

Handles T are ESD-safe and available in a range of lengths.

operate (v)

Manually operated high-lift pallet trucks are rarely used.

Work benches should feature a stepless height-adjustment system that can be operated easily by users with limited physical strength.

Extremely easy-to-operate work bench with electrical height adjustment.

service (v)

Space saving, with a long service life and low maintenance.

easy-running roller conveyors with steel axles for a long service life.

Ersetzen Sie die Steuerung, oder rufen Sie Ihren Servicepartner an.

参加 (v)

手柄 (v)

控制 (v)

操作 (v)

服务 (v)

atender (v)

controlar (v)

manejar (v)

operar (v)

servir (v)

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