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Beanspruchung (f)

load (n)

The closed side panel gives the Angle Bracket its high load-carrying capacity.

It offers effective support for heavily loaded profile connections.

Depending on the profile size and load, several pairs may be necessary.

loading (n)

The pages that set out loading values can be omitted.

Ergonomics - loading heavy items from the front and over the table top is awkward.

They are covered both in Presentation 3, which compares loading values, and in the data sheet.

strain (n)

This helps to reduce extreme strain on the musculoskeletal system.

The physical strain on users must be kept to a minimum.

In a stress-strain diagram, is the maximum active tension.

stress (n)

The largest shear stresses t are found at the edges of this component.

Stresses build up in a component when a load act on it.

The circle's radius r is equivalent to the maximum shear stress .

应力 (n)

负载 (n)

carga (n)

deformación (n)

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