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Ausschuss (m)

rejects (n)

scrap (n)

Multijaw grabs can be used to pick up coarse bulk material such as stones, slag and scrap as well as solid ground.

Lifting magnets are load-handling attachments for lifting magnet-attracting, i.e. ferrous, goods such as scrap, slabs, blooms and chips.

The film runs with an open surface through a drying zone before it is removed from the drum or conveyor belt by means of a scraper blade.

waste (n)

The potential for waste exists in every single aspect of an internal logistics system.

It also supports convection processes with waste heat being extracted.

Always within easy reach, the Waste Bin with self-opening lid helps keep things clean and tidy.

废料 (n)

废物 (n)

chatarra (n)

desecho (n)

rechazos (n)

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