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auslösen (v)

release (v)

They can be released, e.g. to process the goods being conveyed.

The shooter is released when the Actuator Roller runs over the Actuator Ramp.

Release the left mouse button to stop moving the camera.

trigger (v)

A spring-loaded brake employing friction resistance is triggered if the chain fails.

After the rivet has been tightened, the tension bolt is unscrewed out of the nut when the trigger is pulled again.

The RCCB compares outgoing and incoming current and triggers if the difference between them exceeds a certain level.

trip (v)

This comprises strips of veneer glued in a criss-cross and layer-by-layer process.

Robust, industrial quality Multi-Socket Power Strip for your work benches.

The rounded edges ensure that the plastic strips simply slide off to the side.

行程 (v)

触发器 (v)

释放 (v)

activar (v)

liberar (v)

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