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Abdichten (n)

make tight (v)

seal (v)

A special Lid Profile is used to seal the conduit.

The ends of the Warning and Protective Profiles are sealed by flexible Caps.

As a result, the entire guide axis is compact and sealed.

seal off (v)

Caps are used to seal off the profiles in Line XMS.

Caps seal off the open ends of tubes and prevent damage and injury to people and property.

Caps are used to seal off the profiles in Line XMS, covering over cut edges and stopping dirt from penetrating the frame.

sealing (n)

Sealing ProfilesFor fastening and sealing panel elements with are inserted into profile grooves.

This ensures cables can be laid as and when necessary and that (re)sealing the conduits is easy.

For fastening and sealing panel elements of differing thickness which are inserted into profile grooves 5, 6 and 8.

tighten (v)

The tightening torque for the tensioning screw must not exceed 3 Nm.

Tighten the right and left adjusting screws alternately.

This generates the drag torque (2 Nm) when tightening the screw.

使紧 (v)

密封 (v)

封闭 (v)

apretar (v)

hacer hermético (v)

sellado (n)

sellar (v)

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