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Intralogistics describes the flow of goods and materials inside a company, how these processes are organised, controlled, executed, monitored and optimised and the associated flow of information. It is distinct from 'Logistics', which covers the same flow of materials and information outside a company.

Intralogistics facilities and fixtures include storage, buffer, transport and Conveying technology that ensures the flow of individual, bulk and liquid materials. Materials are transported and their movement is managed using electronic information systems such as telematic, Sensor and robotic technologies and control, identification, image processing, sorting, picking and palletising machinery.

The individual components are also ergonomically optimised to ensure efficient intralogistics. Features of an ergonomic workstation that support rapid Order picking, for example, include fully automated transport for picking containers, optimum container positioning and ergonomically designed, adjustable and optimally arranged operating elements. Workstations such as this enable fatigue-free working practices, take the strain off operators and thus reduce downtimes.

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